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Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections

Properly installed, inspected and maintained fire dampers keep tenants safe and  ensure compliance. With nearly 60 years of working on commercial, government, institutional and industrial facilities, Service-Tech has a great deal of experience helping keep fire and smoke dampers functioning properly and safely.

We provide fire and smoke damper inspections according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines which call for periodic inspections of the fire, smoke and ceiling dampers. Our technicians are trained and equipped to fully inspect in adherence to the current NFPA Standard 90A regulations. 

During our inspections, we:

  • remove/replace fusible links (where applicable)
  • ensure all dampers operate properly and fully close
  • check latches
  • lubricate moving parts as necessary
  • install access doors 

We provide the necessary written documentation for your records.


duct door installation

Our technicians can install access doors to ductwork for fire and smoke inspections. Such doors are required by many state regulations.

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