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Proper equipment care prevents expensive repair

equipment care

Parents tell children to take care of their belongings. I basically tell my customers the same thing. It’s wise to properly maintain the equipment in your facilities – doing so will save you money and prevent problems. And everyone in the building will be happier.  

Let me give a case in point. Over the past few months, we’ve cleaned several air handling units (AHUs) at a military facility in FL where sensitive computer equipment is housed. The facility was having issues with the AHUs, causing the computer room to be stuffy for the 20 or so military personnel working there, not to mention putting the expensive computer equipment at risk.

The problem stemmed from clogged cooling coils. The coils had collected dust, dirt and biofilms — organic material which naturally accumulates over time. Fortunately, we were able to clean the coils and get the system operating efficiently again at a fraction of the cost to repair any damaged coils and other replacement expenses.

In this situation, the customer invested about $15,000 for a thorough cleaning of several AHUs at the facility. If not attended to, the units could have broken down causing more expenses and work down time. I estimate repairs could easily have amounted to $150,000. So, the customer saved well over $100,000 simply by addressing the situation right away. 

It’s always a wise investment to have your HVAC and other facility equipment regularly cleaned and properly maintained. What equipment of yours needs attending to?

PK Keller Jr.
Team Leader, FL and Southern U.S.
[email protected]