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Customer saved $30,000 by cleaning vs. replacing cooling coil


Good as new! See the difference on the right side of this filthy cooling coil as our technician removes the grit and grime. By having the large coil properly cleaned and returned to operational efficiency, the customer dodged having to invest in a new one.  He’s also happy about the 180% increase in energy efficiency!

When a large media center in Florida called Service-Tech to service its air conditioning unit, namely the cooling coil, it was in such bad shape the customer was worried it may need to be replaced. Due to plugged coils from build-up of dirt and contaminants, the air conditioner was running at a static pressure six times higher than its normal operating range. The customer was facing a cost of $30,000 to replace the unit which cools the area housing the computer servers where temperature control is critically important. 

Our technician carefully cleaned the 10-inch deep coil so the a/c could run at high efficiency once again. Service-Tech uses advanced power-washing equipment with a wide range of flow rate and pressure settings to accommodate different components, materials and conditions in HVAC systems to protect the equipment during cleaning.  

It’s not too soon to schedule cleaning and servicing your cooling coils so that you’re ready to turn the a/c back on this spring. And be sure to get your reheat coils checked if you haven’t already.


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