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September is Mold Awareness Month

September is Mold Awareness Month. Click Read More below to find out tricks and tips on keeping mold at bay, or if you are already experiencing mold, how our team can help you today!

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Fill pack unplugged!

Service-Tech used a new chemical cleaning process to restore the efficiency of a cooling tower at a sports arena in Florida. Click on “read more” to see the amazing difference between before and after cleaning.

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Service-Tech supports kids in need

Once again, Service-Tech Corporation was one of several corporate sponsors of the annual “Golfing for Kids” to benefit Hope for Kids Geauga. We love supporting our community!

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3 Reasons to Seal Internally-Lined Air Ducts

Service-Tech recently treated the internally lined ductwork at a large center with an antimicrobial sealant. Protecting insulated or fiberglass-lined ductwork is a wise investment. Learn why in this new blog!

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Prevent Spread of Bacteria with Cooling Tower Maintenance

This week, a hospital in Central Ohio reported seven patients have contracted Legionnaires’ disease which is linked to Legionella bacteria. About half of Legionnaires’ outbreaks are spread from the mist generated off cooling towers on air conditioning units, according to David Krause, the senior toxicologist for Forensic Analytical Consulting Services in Tallahassee, FL.

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Taking Fall Protection Training to a higher level

Service-Tech sent six technicians through specialized Fall Protection Training which includes additional safety practices. This training increases our ability to provide multiple services to our clients. Learn more in this week’s blog!

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Safety and Training Day!

Keeping our crew and customers safe is of upmost importance. One way we assure their safety is to review several safety protocols and procedures with technicians at our Annual Safety and Training Day.

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Trained & Equipped to Remove Hazardous Substances

Click “read more” to see our technician remove hazardous silica (quartz) dust from a large dust collector system consisting of hundreds of feet of ductwork. The dust removal project was for a company that produces high-purity quartz products for the semiconductor, lighting and electronics industries.

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