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The Beauty of Blueprints

marked blueprintWe always appreciate it when customers provide mechanical blueprints of their buildings. They help in a number of ways. One of the greatest benefits is that drawings can be used to target specific areas to be serviced. For example, in a recent HVAC cleaning project at a media center, the customer only needed high-pressure ducts to be cleaned, along with the air handling units and VAV (Variable Air Volume) boxes. As pictured here, the highlighted blueprints identify the locations of the equipment to be cleaned.

Such identification indicates specifically what needs to be inspected and cleaned which allows us to be more precise in our estimates. Drawings help us give a tailored, detailed plan with an accurate scope of the project and time of completion. Additionally, knowing just what equipment we will service increases job efficiency.

Whether hard copies or digital files of the drawings, we encourage customers to provide them, whenever possible — they’re an excellent tool. They remove any guesswork giving everyone a clearer picture of the project.

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