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3 Reasons to Seal Internally-Lined Air Ducts   


Service-Tech recently treated the internally lined ductwork at a 20,000-square-foot call center in Florida with an antimicrobial sealant. Protecting insulated or fiberglass-lined ductwork is a wise investment. Here’s why:  

1) Over time, duct liners deteriorate such that fibrous particulates detach and filter into occupied space. A sealant re-solidifies the fiber to its foundation to maintain its insulation (or ‘R’) value. It also prevents or slows further deterioration. Treating internally-lined air ducts can extend the life of the ductwork as much as 10 years! 

2) A sealant provides a smoother surface, allowing more efficient airflow throughout the ductwork which saves energy consumption.

3) An antimicrobial sealant significantly reduces the likelihood of mold which means improved indoor air quality for everyone in the building.

Our sealant products are specific to HVAC application and contain low VOC (Volcanic Organic Compound). Visit to learn more about our HVAC cleaning and restoration services.