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Mold removal: major IAQ improvement with minimal cost

Service-Tech recently serviced this nasty, mold-ridden plenum box in a commercial facility housing a logistics company were approximately 20 people are employed. Located directly over an employee workstation, the contaminated plenum was very likely emitting mold spores into the air.

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Contractors team up to restore hospital HVAC systems after fire

It had been a very long week which was finally coming to an end… or so I thought. I was about to find out it was far from over. As I listened to phone messages on my way home from work that Friday evening, I could tell by the urgency in the voice of the disaster recovery representative from Service Master that he was calling about a serious matter.

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Clogged exhaust systems cause air flow problems  

A toilet exhaust system before and after STC technicians removed debris

A large Midwest hospital was experiencing air flow imbalances on the floors of its patient rooms but didn’t know why. It wasn’t until a major remodeling project of the patient rooms that the source of the problem was discovered — the toilet exhaust system had collected a gross amount of debris and contamination. This is not uncommon. Because of the daily linen changes in patient rooms and the amount of activity in a hospital environment, a significant amount of lint and dust collects in toilet exhaust systems overtime and begins to restrict the air flow.

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Remove debris and contaminants from cooling towers

This dirty cooling tower shows how nutrients, airborne dirt and debris accumulate over time and attach themselves to the system. Deposits cause blockage and corrosion. This impairs the operating efficiency and can lead to significant damage, even possible failure of the system. When a system is neglected or not cleaned properly, motors burn out. Sometimes the damage is so severe that towers need to be rebuilt.

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Suited up, STC tech safely changes Bag-In/Bag-Out filter

Service-Tech technicians are equipped and trained to perform a specialized service know as Bag-In/Bag-Out filter changes for facilities with containment housing systems designed to trap harmful materials. Bags are used to seal the housing while filters from the isolation structure are replaced so that no contaminants can escape into the ductwork, polluting the building and placing occupants at risk.

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Protect product/equipment & avoid downtime

Our technicians recently built a 10-foot by 10-foot containment area in the offices of a law firm in Florida prior to cleaning the building’s HVAC system. This temporary solution served to keep the servers running in order to maintain normal business operations during the three days it took to clean and restore the HVAC. If the servers had to be shut down, the office manager estimates the law firm would have lost $500,000 to $1 million in revenue per day!

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Listeria to legionella and the fallout of contaminants

A few weeks after we posted a blog on the importance of routine maintenance (“Basic measures resolve bigger challenges”), we’ve seen a few high-profile situations that drive home the point: facilities that are not properly cleaned and maintained will likely face larger problems down the road.

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Proof in numbers: Analysis measures specific energy savings in cleaned AHUs

An energy savings analysis on one of the AHUs serviced by Service-Tech at a hospital in Clearwater, FL indicated an energy improvement of 186% and energy savings of 65%.

Service-Tech Corporation recently cleaned and serviced 10 air handling units (AHUs) at a Florida hospital. In doing so, our technicians conducted a formulated energy savings analysis to measure the performance of each unit before and after cleaning. The analysis uses a scientific formula to measure changes in temperature, humidity, enthalpy and overall energy improvement of the AHUs.

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STC President inducted into Alumni Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Service-Tech Corporation President, Alan Sutton, for being inducted into the Bedford High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. His alma mater, located in the Cleveland, Ohio area, honored him for “making significant contributions to his field of work, society and country.”

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A Glass Act: cleaning and restoring fiberglass-lined ducts

When we service fiberglass-lined ductwork, we make sure to “handle with care.” It’s a delicate process because of the possibility of glass particulates dislodging and escaping into the HVAC system, putting building occupants at risk.

To prevent this from happening, our service technicians are highly trained to safely and properly clean fiberglass-lined ducts using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air-filter) vacuums. After removing debris and contaminants from the fiberglass, we have the capability to apply a coating, if needed, which prevents fibers from fraying or loosening and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

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